Meet some of our #edgekids

Meet some of our #edgekids

What we love more than creating a space for new fashion faves is seeing all the #edgekids out there enjoying their fits.

One family that have been loving their new Edge Kids threads are the awesome siblings known as @and_then_there_were_four who from top to bottom are; Zahli (9), Lamar (6), Tyriq (4) and little Jakai (2).

We had the pleasure of getting to know them a little better and wanted to share some fun facts we’ve learnt about these cool kids.


So let’s get into it and kick off with fave colours:

Zahli - Red 

Lamar - Green

Tyriq - Green

Jakai - Orange


We want all families to be fashionable so we need to know, what fashion apparel do you love wearing?

Zahli - Jumpsuits

Lamar - Singlets and Shorts

Tyriq - Cool socks and hats 

Jakai - Overalls


You’ve all taken some sweet snaps in our threads before, so we want to know what you like most about being photographic superstars?

Zahli - I love wear new outfits

Lamar - Going out too cool places like a skate park

Tyriq - Dressing up

Jakai - Wearing new clothes


And your go-to pose is…

Zahli - Peace sign and pouts

Lamar - Shakkas

Tyriq - Shakkas

Jakai - Just looking cute


Enough about photos, what’s your go to dance move?

Zahli - No comment 

Lamar - The worm

Tyriq - Twirking

Jakai - A little bop and wiggle


How about your favourite animal?

Zahli - Monkey

Lamar - Lion

Tyriq - T-Rex

Jakai - Dog


If you get to pick any activity to do for a day, what would you choose

Zahli - Arts and crafts 

Lamar - Making a cake

Tyriq - To visit our cousins

Jakai - Going out for a baby chino


And that’s all the quizzing we had for this fun family today.
We love that they all have such bright and unique personalities from each other. To see more from these cool kids you can follow them online @and_then_there_were_four
When you get your hands on our sick styles, don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #edgekids so we can share your style!